Frequently Asked Wedding Questions-

How much do your wedding packages cost?- Wedding photography options in general range from $1800 to $3500. The options depend on the hours of coverage and size of your wedding. Options are based on the amount of time needed for photography coverage (3 1/2 hours to 8 hours). Usually the number of photographs taken are proportional to the time at a wedding. Large weddings take more time and photography coverage to be able to tell the wedding story the right way.

Can you send a price list?- Wedding options are customized for each brides needs. Some brides want bridal portraits, engagement portraits, parent albums, on location portraits, a variety of wedding photograph sizes, black and white and color. Since wedding photography options are complicated, I feel it's best for a couple to come in and discuss the different options and view samples of my work. I therefore do not mail price brochures because it limits what can be offered to a couple.

What is included in your packages?  I want the best price and most pictures!- A wedding photographer has no room for mistakes on a wedding day. I want wedding couples to be happy and enjoy their photographs for generations, therefore I photograph all weddings myself and use the finest equipment and materials available. Wedding photography is very hard work and it's easy for mistakes to be made by an inexperienced photographer because of the hectic nature of the day. I do not offer the lowest prices but do provide the finest quality photography available.    

What type of equipment do you use? - In most cases, I photograph 100% digital using the finest in technology. Digital technology now surpases film in flexibility and creativity. I always have back up equipment.

Some photographers have said digital quality is not as good as film! Wow, what nonsense.

Ask to see the work that they have photographed with digital and compare it to their film work! In many cases these photographers only know how to photograph with film. They will have no images that were photographed digitally but seem to offer expert advice. Doing digital photography correctly takes years of experince and a lot of education and learning, Robert Berger is an award winning photographer and has that experience! The quality, and images that he is providing to his clients are the finest and most exciting ever(all wedding day and portrait images are printed on the finest photographic paper, the same as with film)! In fact photographic prints look better from high quality digital capture because there is no film grain. It's also called a first generation print since the print is made directly from the digital file. A print made from film must be copied first, hence second generation copy. When you visit Innovativbe Images you'll be able to see for yourself!  

What is your photographic style traditional or photojournalistic?- This is where it is important to discuss the type of photographic style a couple is interested in. I usually blend several styles of photography together but I am comfortable photographing in whatever style a couple wants.     

Do you sell the digital wedding files? - Innovative Images does offer the original digital files for sale after the wedding. Please call us for the latest details. We reccommend that we make the photographic reprints for the finest quality available but we now offer couples this option. Besides photographing a wedding, it's my job to have the wedding day photographs printed and delivered in a high quality manner that a couple will enjoy. Labs that do business with professional photographers only(not the public) do the best printing of wedding photographs. Some photographers give couples all the negatives.This may sound like a great deal but may turn into a nightmare. In my opinion photographers who do this won't offer any service after they give you the film. If you have trouble making quality prints it becomes your problem. When that photographer gives you the film he probably won't offer you any service after that. I provide service for couples after the wedding. Many former brides have come back for baby and family portraits.

Why is photography so expensive?- I provide the highest quality artistic photography for those that realize the importance of their wedding memories. The latest technology cameras, film and albums are utilized. I work with a wedding day assistant and have office staff to help design your wedding album. Through education I stay abreast of the latest photography styles and techniques.    

Who will photograph my wedding? - I personally photograph all weddings.  

Do you have Saturday wedding consultations? I am available to meet with wedding couples on weekdays. I also schedule evening appointments on Tuesday and Thursday nights with no consultation fee. Weekends are reserved for wedding photography and non wedding package portrait sessions. Saturday wedding appointments are available with a consultation fee. This fee may be applied to a wedding package booking or portrait session. This enables couples who live out of town and are serious about booking to see my studio.  

Do you specialize in wedding photography- It sure would be nice to work one day a week. I specialize in people photography and portraiture that includes weddings. I do this full time and have a commercial photography studio.Photographers who say they are wedding specialists must charge triple my rates or just do photography part time.

Can I view my wedding on the internet? Starting in 2002 couples will have the option to view their wedding photographs on the web. Your wedding is password protected to prevent unauthorized viewing. Our new zoom feature makes viweing easier.

Can a CD slide show be made of my wedding photographs? Slide shows are available from weddings that are digitally photographed. Your photographs are in a slide show format set to music. This is really cool! 

What attire do you wear to a wedding? A suit appropriate for the wedding.

Do you have backup equipment? Yes

Do you use extra lighting? Yes

Do you work with an assistant? Yes