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If you have a pet, you realize they have their very own personalities, including feelings and emotions just like us. They find a way to communicate with us through their body language, meow, bark, purr, tail wag, and eyes. Animals have intelligence that is highly underestimated by people who don't understand or never spend time with one.


Our pets depend on us, but we also depend on them. They bring happiness and love every day into our life. Our animals actually do love us. Their love and feelings don't have to be documented or proven by scientists, we can see, feel and sense it. Stories are written all the time about animals trying to protect the ones they love when in danger or threatened. Our animals are our children as well!


People love animal portraits.They always receive the most views on my Facebook page!


Portrait studio lighting experience is essential in bringing out the darker colors and fur detail. My knowledge of animals helps gain their attention to make their portrait look alive!


Providing outstanding quality portrait photography that will last for generations is what I will create for you and your best friend! Interestingly, people love seeing animal portraits



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