These photographs are some examples of the special events that Innovative Images covers in the Houston area. Please look at the other links in our website for the specific photography that you are looking for!














Innovative Images now offers same day digital photography. Our new digital printing capability gives our digital photographs similar longevity to film photographs. Same day delivery is available either in color or black and white.

Innovative Images caters to successful professionals who want the highest quality artistic images. People can easily see the difference in photographs by Innovative Images as compared to national studio chains.  Photographer Robert Berger says "Our clients want innovative flattering images that will enhance their professional image in business and wall decor at home. Quality, uniqueness and customer satisfaction are more important factors than price when choosing us."     

Digital photography offers many new exciting applications for photography, portraits and events. Photography rates are based on the specific needs of each client. Please call the Innovative Images studio to discuss your photography requirements(Portrait rates for same day delivery are priced higher than standard delivery times rates).           

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